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Best for: An early stage startup taking their first product steps
One of the hardest things for a startup is to find product-market-fit. Sometimes it’s about finding the right customer, and sometimes it’s about developing the right MVP. By performing user research, and understanding the company’s resources and business plans, together we will find a way to reach product-market-fit.

Align product with company strategy

Best for: A company that has an existing product and wants to take it to the next level

With an existing product in place, you will often find your product being tugged in various directions, with customers, business, and R&D all pushing towards their own goals. The company has changed, with new factors that came in and product took a different route than what we planned.
Sometimes we just have to stop, consider the new environment, create a strategy, plan a new product roadmap, and come up with a new plan.

Boost existing product teams

Best for: Product teams looking to level up their skillset
As an executive, one of the most important things is to continually help your people grow professionally. Usually product managers come from diverse backgrounds, and for them to be able to deliver amazing products we sometimes need to align their skillset.
Each company is different but with the right mix of mentoring, workshops and training we can elevate your existing product team.


External lectures and workshops

With experience teaching at Cornell-Tech, University of Geneva and the IDC Herzliya, I’m available for lectures on everything product

About me

Chen Shir

I am passionate about helping you find the right product-market-fit, take the lead on complicated tasks and help you design, plan and execute the best product possible.

With extensive experience mentoring individuals as well as teams, we work together to help them hit their goals.

Clients Tell

I've worked with Chen both as a colleague and as a client. She brings years of experience and dedication to solving the actual product problems that held us back. As a client, I've brought Chen to build a custom training program for our product management team. She helped improve their day-to-day work processes and the way they manage challenges. As usual, the results were great, and the process itself was well thought out, calm and impactful.

Alex Frenkel
Kai, Co-Founder and CEO
I first met Chen when she was consulting to MobileODT and helped restructure a struggling product team. Chen helped the management to set strategic goals and build a roadmap at a time of uncertainty and internal conflicts. Chen was a source of knowledge and a product-authority for the entire company and especially to the management. For me Chen is someone I can always consult with and know I'll get the right answer, a true mentor!

Lior Shwarzwald
VP Product, MobileODT
I had the pleasure of working with Chen as our Product Consultant. She is wholehearted, dedicated and a true professional. She has that rare combination of professional knowledge in every aspect of the Product Management world, sense of creativity, quick learning curve, and an ability to see the bigger picture. Chen helped us immensely in forming our strategy, roadmap and work methodology, resulting huge improvement in every aspect.

Doron Bahat