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We are here to support your team by levraging decades of experience in startups

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  • Unlocking ARR

    We identify and overcome hurdles on your path to product-market-fit and skyrocketing ARR. Together, we chart your "North Star" success goal, build a comprehensive plan, foster key partnerships, and empower your teams to excel. This partnership aims to make your organization lean and efficient, increasing your ARR to stand out in today's business world

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    If you are a team or department manager looking to empower your team, enhance their efficiency, and equip them with the right tools for optimal performance – our GenAI Workshops are designed specifically for you

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  • Lectures and Workshops

    We offer lectures on various product-related topics, such as Product Strategy, Needs Verification for Early Stage Founders, and Storytelling for Product Managers. Our insights, drawn from extensive experience with diverse startups, provide you with the tools to drive your venture forward

The process to ARR

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    Identifying your ultimate success goal guiding our journey.
  • 2
    Crafting a comprehensive strategy to reach your North Star.
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    Creating a dynamic team ready to execute your plan.
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    We're in the trenches with your teams, guiding them to excel and reach the North Star.

What people say about us

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"Chen was a source of knowledge and a product-authority"

I first met Chen when she was consulting to MobileODT and helped restructure a struggling product team. Chen helped the management to set strategic goals and build a roadmap at a time of uncertainty and internal conflicts. Chen was a source of knowledge and a product-authority for the entire company and especially to the management. For me Chen is someone I can always consult with and know I'll get the right answer, a true mentor!

Lior Shwarzwald, Director of Product, Nav
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"Chen is truly talented and knowledgeable professional"

I have had the pleasure of working with Chen Shir, a product management consultant, on several projects. She is a truly talented and knowledgeable professional, with a wealth of experience in creating and executing product strategy.

David Barnan, CMO, Helfy
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"the process itself was well thought out, calm and impactful"

I've worked with Chen both as a colleague and as a client. She brings years of experience and dedication to solving the actual product problems that held us back. As a client, I've brought Chen to build a custom training program for our product management team. She helped improve their day-to-day work processes and the way they manage challenges. As usual, the results were great, and the process itself was well thought out, calm and impactful.

Alex Frenkel, Co-Founder and CEO , Kai


We are your strategic partners in accelerating your startup's Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR). Our expertise is drawn from years of experience in product management and go-to-market strategies across diverse startups. Together, we navigate every facet of your venture, from product refinement to targeted marketing strategies, to transform your startup into a lean, efficient powerhouse

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