I'm a product and strategy expert, specializing in consulting for start-ups and product teams.

My experience spans well over a decade, building teams, creating processes and managing B2C and B2B products for millions of users in a range of industries, including: IoT, medical devices, homeland security, communications, and e-commerce.

I started my way as a Product Manager at Viber, as one of their first employees, doing everything iOS and B2B products. I later started working for Sears as a Mobile Product Manager team-lead , and from there I have joined Carbyne, to lead their Product department.

My specialty is understanding the intricacies of the balance between offering a unique value to users and hitting business objectives.

I teach at the IDC Herzelyia, University of Geneva and Cornell-Tech, and also give lectures in conferences and private events on everything product related.

After seeing dozens of products, and successfully helped them grow, I have harnessed that knowledge and designed my own methods and tools. Throughout the journey that we will undertake together, I will teach you how to utilize them and how to make sure that your product processes are aligned and fit your business goals.

We will work together on how to make the right choice in every crossroad, in order to build a robust product while maintaining growth.

I am passionate about helping you find the right product-market-fit, take the lead on complicated tasks and help you design, plan and execute the best product possible.
With extensive experience mentoring individuals as well as teams, I’ve worked with various companies’ leadership to help them hit their goals.

Together we'll

...and ultimately build products that users love!